Dental Crowns

Androscoggin Valley Dental - Your dentist in Berlin |We know how frustrating it is to have a damaged, cracked, or missing tooth. A damaged tooth or awkward gap may be all you are able to focus on, hindering your ability to socialize, eat, and work.

That’s why we offer dental crowns as a way to quickly repair damaged teeth or replace missing teeth.

Uses for Dental Crowns

To repair damage, we can order a customized crown and bond it to your damaged tooth. This tooth cap will protect the top, sides, and overall structure of your tooth.

To replace a missing tooth, we can use a customized crown to restore your tooth as part of the dental implant procedure. You can enjoy a full tooth replacement with this option.

We also color-match your dental crown, so it will look natural in your smile, blending in with your other teeth. Contact Androscoggin Valley Dental today to schedule an examination. We can help you find the right solution for your smile.

How Can a Crown Help You?

When we bond a dental crown to your tooth or place it on a dental implant, it can serve one of these functions:

  • Protecting the existing structure of your natural tooth for the long-term.
  • Covering a tooth after receiving a filling or getting a root canal.
  • Restoring a missing tooth after receiving a dental implant.
  • Holding a dental bridge appliance in place.

Crowns can be the finishing touch of a procedure to protect a tooth, restore a missing tooth, or can even cosmetically improve a tooth. This versatile option may be a perfect solution for your dental needs!

How Can You Receive a Crown?

We use an advanced process to create crowns. It goes through several steps:

  • Tooth Preparation: The doctor will clean and shape your tooth to make sure it’s ready to receive the crown.
  • Custom Crown Creation: Experienced lab technicians will create your crown and send it back to us.
  • Placement: Your dentist will bond your crown to your tooth or attach it to your implant and make sure it looks perfect in your smile.

When you go home, follow up with us if you have any problems with your crown, and we’ll quickly bring you in to make it right.

Contact Androscoggin Valley Dental for Comfortable Crowns

Don’t put up with a damaged or missing tooth. We are profoundly interested in improving your health, safety, and happiness through dental crowns. Let us repair and restore your unique, beautiful smile! Contact Dr. Gulatin & Dr. McCormack today for an appointment.