Dental Technology

We’re committed at Androscoggin Valley Dental to the comprehensive health of our friends and neighbors. That’s why we have gathered some remarkable dental technologies to serve you better.

Our dental devices can help us relieve dental pain, give accurate diagnoses, and create dental restorations. They also can make dental appointments easier and more convenient for you. If you want to experience our quality dental services, schedule an appointment with Dr. Gulatin & Dr. McCormack.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays emit only about 20% of the radiation that traditional x-rays do. They also don’t use film, so there’s only an instant between taking an x-ray and seeing it displayed on the screen. You can immediately look at your teeth and jawbone with us while we’re identifying important details for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Dental Cameras

Our staff has undergone training, so we can use dental cameras better. We occasionally take pictures of your teeth, tongue, and gums to gather detailed information about your health.

Using dental cameras creates a photographic record of the gradual changes to your dental health and condition, allowing us to accurately monitor your progress and catch problems before they develop into serious conditions.

Contact Us for Quality Dentistry!

We purchased this technology to help you and our other very important patients receive better dental care and oral health. Contact Androscoggin Valley Dental now to schedule an appointment for advanced and compassionate dental care.