General Dentistry

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At Androscoggin Valley Dental, we are committed to offering comprehensive general dentistry services to individuals and whole families in Berlin. That means that we treat immediate dental problems but also aim to prevent many oral health challenges.

Dr. Gulati & Dr.McCormack have years of dental experience and hundreds of hours of ongoing training. They employ a caring attitude and the latest technologies to protect your health from difficulties caused by oral, dental, and periodontal issues.

Schedule an appointment at Androscoggin Valley Dental today if you need general dental services or even cosmetic or restorative dentistry.

Do You Have These Signs of Dental Problems?

It’s important to schedule two dental checkups per year to protect your dental and overall health. A dental examination is even more urgent if you have any of the following signs:

  • Pain when you chew.
  • Teeth that are sensitive to heat or cold.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Swelling in the mouth.
  • Persistently bleeding gums.
  • Chronic bad breath.
  • Oral sores or spots.
  • Loose teeth (in adults).

If you have one or several of these symptoms, an exam and a cleaning can often help you clear them up. We can also educate you on at-home prevention to help you maintain your dental health. When we catch dental problems promptly, we are usually able to treat them with simple procedures.

What General Dental Services Can You Enjoy?

If you need general dental services, call Androscoggin Valley Dental for quality care. We can quickly schedule you for:

  • Examinations: Your dentist will get to know you and give you a thorough exam to detect and prevent oral health problems.
  • Cleanings: We’ll give you a professional cleaning with advanced instruments to prevent buildups of plaque and tartar that could lead to gingivitis, cavities, and halitosis (chronic bad breath).
  • Emergency Dentistry: When you have a dental emergency, call us immediately. We’ll call back within 24–48 hours. If you’re one of our regular patients, we can schedule you quickly for after-hours appointments, extractions, root canals, and wisdom teeth removal.
  • Sealants: You can request a dental sealant to help prevent cavities.
  • Root Canals: When a painful infection develops within your tooth, our root canal procedures can quickly clean it out and relieve the pain.
  • Extractions: A tooth sometimes must come out to maintain your health. We can perform the extraction quickly while keeping you as comfortable as possible.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal: We’ll check on your wisdom teeth during every examination and let you know if any problems are developing. We can quickly extract them, if necessary.
  • Fillings: If you ever get a cavity or have certain other dental issues, we can repair your tooth and restore it with a color-matched filling.

Come to Androscoggin Valley Dental for these and many other general, cosmetic, and restorative services!

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Get caring and professional services for your general dental needs. Dr. Gulati & Dr. McCormack are committed to protecting the dental and overall health of the people of the Berlin community! Call us today for an appointment.