Teeth Whitening

If you’re frustrated or embarrassed by teeth that are less than white, teeth whitening may be a very exciting option for you. Imagine your teeth becoming bright and brilliant within just a treatment or two!

Contact Androscoggin Valley Dental to schedule a teeth whitening appointment. We’ll make you very comfortable while you’re here. Think of it as a spa day! It’s a thrill to see our patients get renewed confidence in their smiles.

What Causes Teeth to Darken?

As you’re getting your teeth whitened, you may wonder why they became darker in the first place. That could tell you how to avoid them darkening again.

There are several reasons that teeth get darker:

  • Color Absorption: The top layer of your teeth (enamel) gradually absorbs colored molecules from dark drinks, foods, and smoke.
  • Natural Yellowing: Acid from your favorite drinks can erode your teeth and yellow them. Brushing and flossing can slow this process.
  • Medications: Certain drugs can affect the color of your teeth.
  • Aging: Over the years, the top layer of your teeth can wear away, exposing the yellowish dentin underneath it.
  • Accidents: Through accidental damage, your teeth may have been cracked or chipped, exposing more of your natural, yellow-colored dentin.

We have great news! Our teeth whitening services should be able to help you reverse the discoloration process.

In-Office and Take-Home Whitening

Before we start whitening your teeth, we’ll give you a thorough teeth cleaning. That will give the whitening agents maximum effectiveness.

Next you can choose either an in-office or take-home whitening procedure, both of which were created by the respected Zoom! brand. Both treatments will whiten your teeth more effectively than a store-bought kit could. Here are the advantages of each option:

  • Take-Home: We’ll send you home with a whitening kit, along with dental trays that will fit over your teeth. You can conveniently use the system in your most comfortable chair or doing whatever activity at home you wish. This treatment will gradually lead to a beautiful new smile!
  • In-Office: Our in-office treatment works more quickly, lightening the shade of teeth by as many as 10 shades. Each treatment only takes about 45 minutes!

Our Zoom! teeth whitening treatments can get you ready for a special occasion, give you a boost of confidence for a job promotion, or make your smile look dazzling in any situation.

Contact Androscoggin Valley Dental for Beautiful, White Teeth

We want to improve your confidence with whiter teeth. Amazingly, this is simple to achieve while you relax like you’re at a spa! Afterwards, your teeth will be wonderfully clean and look beautifully whiter. Contact us today to schedule a whitening treatment.